School of Law and Political Science

City of Siena - Italy

1995 - 2000

This project involved rebuilding of the area of the former Porta Tufi pediatric hospital in order to create a new headquarters for the School of Law and Political Science.

The structure was constructed in such a way as to adapt its form and position to the hillside on which it is located. Three buildings were designed, each quite distinct from the others in both appearance and use. The first, long and straight in shape, houses department and faculty offices; the second, L-shaped building is dedicated to a library and reading rooms; a third contains classrooms. These three buildings on Via Mattioli are connected by a pre-existing wall that was converted into a openwork screen to maintain unity with the street front while simultaneously opening onto the area of the new built area.

The materials employed were those familiar to longstanding building traditions in Siena and bring the new complex into harmony with surrounding architecture.

  • Copyright:
    Natalini architetti:
    SINTER Srl
  • Client:
    Università degli Studi di Siena
  • Size data:
    Exploited surface: sq.m 20,000
  • Cost of works: € 50.000.000
  • Release Date:
    1995-2000 Project