Decathlon Store

Town of Massa e Cozzile (Province of Pistoia) | Italy

2010 - 2011

New construction in this project straddled a recent building adjacent, a group of other structures targeted for rebuilding, and a new internal roadway that provides access to parking areas.

Designed to stand in parallel with the nearest commercial building, the new project serves as a sort of natural continuation of the façades.The new single-floor commercial structure includes a covered parking structure. Internally, it is divided into three distinct areas intended for mid-sized businesses.

Each space can accommodate a sales area of up to 1,500 sq.m and the complex is equipped with support areas (warehouse units for merchandise storage, bathroom facilities for employees and the public, and control rooms for HVAC and electrical systems).

  • Copyright:
    SINTER s.r.l.
  • Client:
    Unicoop Firenze
  • Size data:
    Land surface: sq.m 34,000
    Exploited surface: sq.m 6,700
  • Cost of works: € 7,950,000
  • Release Date:
    2010-2011 Project | 2011 Building