Town of Sesto Fiorentino (Province of Florence)

1992 - 1996

Project Description:

The plan for the reorganization of a new site extended the parameters of the feasibility study drafted by G. Michelucci and identified specific, largely visual geographical points of reference (Via delle Robinie or Vicolo delle Fornaci, for example) that lie within the site’s boundaries but also extend beyond it.
The plan called for three areas of activity:

  • restoration including, in particular, conservation of the Villa, a structure destined to house public and cultural initiatives;
  • rebuilding upon the footprint of the preexisting facility;
  • construction as a logical extension of transformation over time. New building was intended to replace old structures but to occupy the same general space and dimensions.

The interior of the area was developed for pedestrian traffic and included a network of public and private walkways along the area’s lines of perspective and delineated by pavement of different types.

  • Copyright:
    SINTER srl
    Natalini architetti,
    Gabetti e Isola
  • Release Date: 1992 -1996 Project
  • Clients:
    Aladue S.r.l
  • Size data:
    Land surface: sq.m 92,770
    Exploited surface: sq.m 49,000
    Public areas: sq.m 39,000