Residential Construction in the PL1-F31 U.M.I. 7 Area

Town of Sesto Fiorentino (Province of Florence)

2005 - 2011

This L-shaped building outlines the perimeter of the entire area. The external architecture presents a certain solidity and formal rigor, while the proportions of the side facing the courtyard are more reserved with a less encumbered architectural “personality”.

  • Copyright:
    SINTER s.r.l.
  • Client:
    Mare Società Cooperativa Edificatrice
  • Size data:
    Land surface: sq.m 9,400
    Exploited surface: sq.m 5,830
    Dwelling: n. 71
  • Cost of works: € 16,000,000
  • Release Date:
    2005-2006 Project | 2006-2011 Building