The plan area is located in the northwestern quadrant of the city (Neighborhood No. 5) and falls within the perimeter of the FIAT-zone adaptive-reuse plan.

The proposal contained in the adaptive-reuse plan was prompted by the desire to complete the redevelopment of the former FIAT factory area on Via Novoli that had been anticipated in the original adaptive-reuse plan. Work was, in fact, largely concluded in the eastern sector but remained in preliminary stages to the west.

The new adaptive-reuse plan maintained the overall design details of the original plan and, in specific, did not change land-use criteria, building capacity, or structural footprints.

  • Copyright:
    SINTER srl
    Passaleva Associati
  • Consultants:
    Lighting: Arch. M. Iarussi
    Envrironmental acoustics: Ing. F. Miniati
    Civil engineering: Ing. S. Guidoni
  • Client:
    Immobiliare Novoli SpA
  • Size data:
    Land surface: 318,092 sq.m
    Exploited surfaces:
    Services 122.000 sq.m
    Residential: 78.000 sq.m
  • Release Date:
    2010-2012 Project