Aba Glass-Making Facility

Aba, Nigeria

1980 - 1982

In establishing the executive design, building plan, and project-management approach for this glass-making facility in Aba, SINTER was called upon to create a highly complex project from the point of view both of technology and of engineering.

The glass-making facility, designed for the production of hollow mechanical glass, bottles and various other kinds of containers, and plate and security glass, occupied an area of 550,000m2 with an operational center of 67,000m2 and an internal system of roadways of 36,000m2. The load-bearing structures of all the buildings were constructed in heavy metalwork and sheet metal paneling. The main building that housed the heart of the glass works (called “the Oven”) had been constructed by assembling partitions made of thousands of refractory elements for a combined weight of nearly 8,200 tons.

The design and construction of each of the other buildings closely followed the functional requirements of the various production areas as fully discussed with the client’s highly specialized technical staff.

  • Copyright:
    SINTER s.r.l.
  • Client:
    INGLEN spa
  • Size data:
    Land surface sq.m 550,000
    Exploited surface sq.m 55,000
  • Release Date:
    1980 Project | 1981-1982 Building