SINTER is specialized in the building sector with expertise that ranges from land-use planning to interior design, from architecture to engineering. With its foundations in Alessandro Chimenti’s many decades of professional experience, SINTER was established in Florence in 1992.

SINTER’s main goal is to satisfy our clients’ needs. We accomplish that objective with a staff whose expertise has only grown more substantial and reliable over the years. SINTER’s professionals are ready to manage every aspect of organization, planning, budgeting, and regulatory compliance of each project we undertake.



A master plan should create an active framework that adapts to the needs of its community; it should be comprehensive, contextually appropriate, inspirational, and environmentally responsible.



Each project develops by technological innovation and challenging tradition.



It helps user understanding of buildings: we aim for clear purpose of any space by using light and color enhances, timeless quality and simple use of materials.



We integrate structural, environmental, and building systems engineering into the design process at the start of concept design so that the synthesis of engineering solutions and architectural form enriches the user experience.

We offer our customers several services grounded on certified, ever upgraded and expertised skills:

  • feasibility studies
  • economic analyses and business planning
  • project financing
  • technical and economic assessment
  • contract-negotiation support
  • environmental studies and analyses
  • land-use planning (master planning)
  • infrastructure design
  • architectural planning and design
  • structural design
  • work-flow management
  • project accounting
  • preparation of bids and contract-related
  • documentation
  • building site  safety
  • maintenance planning
  • organization of work sites and project management;
  • monitoring and integrated management of the processes involved in complex projects from start to finish.


SINTER’s professional staff includes architects, engineers, and surveyors and is joined by a group of external consultants (attorneys, landscape planners, geologists, and chartered accountants). Together, they form a united team that boasts a rich, diverse experience spanning many decades.